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Strategy, tutorial and instructions for OJOOO.COM. Review and test in the forum .. Extra income with paid to click.

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Do you seriously interested in an extra income on the internet?
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Leave a little money very profitable work for YOU!
Register now for free OJOOO!
On OJOOO.COM you see a forum for this paid to click program with reviews and tests. Our tutorial for OJOOO Watching Ads we show you in this detailed guide step by step how you can earn money on the internet with OJOOO Watching Ads and extra income can build.
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How it works
Step-by-step instructions

Step-by-step instructions

We show you step by step how you can earn several hundred dollars a month with OJOOO . All you need is a few minutes a day.

Free registration .

First, you must register for OJOOO .

Register now for free OJOOO!

You can complete your personal details in the registration form. Specify a user name and a password for your account. For smooth payouts , it is important to fill in all fields and give accurate information.

After completing the form, a verification code is sent to the specified email address.

In this e -mail message you will be prompted to activate your account. The verification code must be entered at a predetermined location .

Sign in OJOOO .

Use the following link to log in to OJOOO :


Then click on : [Login]

Enter your username [Username] and Password [Current Password] .

Now you are in your Back Office . The back office is the starting point of hiring and managing Referrals . Here you can upgrade your account , request your payouts and much more. The most important functions are explained first .

In the back office you will see various account balances [Available Funds] .

[Current Balance] Your earnings from your own clicks and clicks of the leased Referrals
[Advertiser Balance] Cash account in the event that you want to turn your own advertising on OJOOO
[Upgrade and rental balance] From this balance , you pay the upgrades and the rented User (Referrals)
[Amount Paid] What was paid for this account so far

Recharge your account balance

For an upgrade and for the hiring of additional Referrals , a sufficient account balance must be available in the relevant account .

Both will be debited from the account [Upgrade and rental balance] . This account allows you to charge either via PayPal or Payza or even with your existing credit [Current Balance] by [Balance Transfer] .
Credit is not yet available , so we pay money via PayPal or Payza to the account.

For our model, you need an investment of $ 99 ($ 39 for the upgrade to Premium+ (Premium plus) and $ 60 for the hiring of 300 Referrals) .

Simply click on [Upgrade and rental balance] .

Do not click [Advertiser balance] ! This account is intended for the payment of advertising on OJOOO . Money you transfer there, you can not book back !

Select the desired payment method .

Now enter the amount in USD that you want to transfer .

Upon completion of the transaction, the account balance of [Upgrade and rental balance] is now $ 99 . So that we can now go shopping.

Upgrade to Premium+ (Premium plus)

Now make the upgrade to Premium+ (Premium plus) . From the account balance [Upgrade and rental balance] $ 39 will be charged for it.

Click on [Buy upgrade] in the left menu bar .

As you will see , there are several upgrades available . You can also book upgrades for a period of 12 months.

Select Premium+ (Premium plus) and then click on Buy [Buy] .

Congratulations . You are now Premium+ (Premium plus) member.

The term of the upgrade is exactly 30 days (except upgrades to a 12 - month period) . If you do not run a new upgrade within this period , those of you rented Referrals will be deleted from your account!
Please book a new upgrade at best a few days before the expiry of the current upgrade ! The current upgrade will be extended by 30 days and nothing is lost.

On your account [Upgrade and rental balance] are now even $ 60 With this money we rent directly from OJOOO 300 Referrals .

Renting of Referrals

You can earn with OJOOO good if you rent more Referrals . The more you have rented , the higher your income.
In Premium+ (Premium plus) you can rent every three days up to 300 Referrals (a maximum of 3000) .
The Referrals are available each for 30 days.
In our model, we start with the hiring of 300 Referrals .
Click on [Purchase Referrals] in the left menu bar .

For renting several packages are available . Select the appropriate package and confirm your purchase on the next page .

Congratulations . In your account you have now already 300 Referrals who view advertising for you .
The revenue earned by your Referrals are displayed daily on the account balance [Current Balance] .

Now you rent every 3 days more Referrals . Just use your earnings from each of the three previous days. To do this, transfer your earnings via [Balance Transfer] from the account [Current Balance] to the account [Upgrade and rental balance] (see " Charge Account"). You do this until you have reached the maximum number of 3000 Referrals .

From this point you can pay out your earnings to your PayPal or Payza account. To reach 3000 Referrals is actually not mandatory. You can pay out money from your account [Current Balance] at any time.

Here you can see in detail how it works:

Then you can remove the first revenue after only 10 weeks. If you are upgrading then to a VIP account with 5000 Referrals, you can increase your income significantly again .
You can reach 3000 Referrals in a month by book every 3 days 300 Referrals .

The statistics of your rented Referrals is updated once a day. Rent late new Referrals and the statistics will be updated early in the morning , are not yet covered all clicks of your new User (Referrals) .
Since it is not about machines, not all rented Referrals are active. From a Premium+ (Premium plus) Member the non-active Referrals are automatically replaced by OJOOO after 3 days.

You get the daily income of your Referrals only if you also watch on the day itself at least 4 commercials !

View daily at least 4 advertisements.

To earn from your rented Referrals , you have to watch at least 4 advertisements daily. Select from the menu [EARN WATCHING ADS] and then click [PAID TO CLICK ADS] .

Then you can see what ads you can view ."

There are advertisements with a length of 3, 30 and 60 seconds. After making your selection then it says: [Click on the yellow shape to view the advertisement] . Somewhere in the box you can see a yellow symbol (a triangle , square, star or circle) , you have to click to start advertising.

The advertisement will be displayed in a new window. At the top of the window you will see the time as long as you still have to look at the advertising , until the click is confirmed.

The click is confirmed after the time and you can get back close window [Close window] .

As shown , take a look now at least 4 advertisements daily. It only takes a few minutes. That is all you have to do to earn several hundred dollars per month.
Who does not participate here , it is your own fault!

Money paid out on PayPal or Payza

The payout is very easy. From the account [Current Balance] You can withdraw money on PayPal or Payza .
Click in the menu on the top left [Cash out funds] , enter the amount and select PayPal or Payza . That is all .

Recommend OJOOO and earn extra money

Each user receives a referral link , with which he can invite other people to OJOOO .
Whenever invited Referrals perform an upgrade, the referrer receives a bonus .

Example: Premium+ (Premium plus) members receive $ 20 per month for the recommendation of another Premium+ (Premium plus) member .

How much can you earn from referrals, see here: http://wad.ojooo.com/premium_bc.php

Your own referral link [Reflink] as well as further links and banners can be found in the menu under the item [Referral Tools] .

... and the best for last :

We give you this website with your referral link (Reflink) to OJOOO !

Simply enter your referral link [Reflink] and your email address into the form on the top right . Via e- mail you will receive your address of this website in the form:


It allows you to invite friends , acquaintances and contacts to OJOOO - by Facebook and other networks or whatever . More simply , it may not be to make money.

It's worth it !

We wish you much fun while making money with OJOOO !

website for FREE!

We give you this website with your referral link ( Reflink ) to OJOOO .
For new users, you get a bonus!

Your referral link at OJOOO :

Your email address :

After verification you will get the address of your website via e-mail.
You also get our newsletter with the latest information on the subject .

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Here you will find a tutorial for OJOOO Watching Ads - We show you in this detailed guide step by step strategy as you build up with OJOOO Paid to click an extra income and can earn money on the internet. Review and test can be found in the forum:

Recommend OJOOO!

If you have registered on OJOOO, we provide you with this website here for free!

It allows you to invite other interested parties to OJOOO and earn up to $ 45 a month on every member you refer!